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PS (lighting polystyrene)

Printed polystyrene is a sheet 1 mm thick, usually white in color and have a matte surface on two sides. Properties printed polystyrene: High resistance (compared to General purpose polystyrene).

The hardness of the material has a hard, smooth surface that makes it resistant to mechanical damage and facilitates its transportation, processing, and use.

Easy – the material has a small specific gravity (1,04-1,06 g/cm3), which reduces the cost of 1 square meter of the material and makes it one of the cheapest materials on the market,
wide operating temperature range (-40 to +60°C), but with decreasing temperature the material becomes increasingly brittle

Moisture resistant – the material practically does not absorb moisture, easy transportation and storage. In addition, no need for pre-drying of the material before molding.

Excellent formability, ductility (over 35%) — the material is molded with a uniform distribution of wall thickness of the finished product (even during deep drawing of the wall of the product obtained Rantasipi, without local thinning)

Ease of handling — processing of printed polystyrene is produced by the same tool that is used on wood and metal, a small thickness sheets applicable printing equipment for processing of paper and cardboard; chemical resistance to acids and alkalis — printed polystyrene is resistant to diluted acids, alkalis, alcohols; not resistant to organic solvents, technical oils

Compatibility with food products — allow contact of the components from a material with foodstuffs, i.e. when using migration of harmful substances from the material to the environment are excluded.

PS (lighting polystyrene) PS (lighting polystyrene) PS (lighting polystyrene)

Features PS (lighting polystyrene)

There can be ordered sheets of different types (as per customer’s specification):

translucent or opaline (milken), with embossed or smooth surface, of various light transmission coefficient. It is UV stabilized.


manufacture of light diffusers