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PET sheets manufactured by LADA-LIST Ltd.

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) sheet by LADA-LIST Ltd. is very popular among the goods for the food industry. This material is produced by modern technology, it is of high quality and meets the international requirements.

PAT crystallizes easily, so when it is moulded, the whitish stains can appear on the parts of this plastic. For the manufacture of the transparent products it is better not to use sheets more, than 1 mm thick. For these purposes PET-G sheets are used. If you need hot gas, filler rod, friction or electric resistance welding, it is better to use HDPE.


The production of PET sheets is carried out by the method of flat-slot die extrusion. This method is for the sheets manufacture of different thickness and dimensions. The surface of the sheet is protected by a film of polyethylene on both sides and activated by corona discharge. That is why it is possible to screen, offset print or apply UV layers on the surface of the sheets. Short-term exposure of UV light does not affect the quality and the physical characteristics of the material. During drying the temperatures above 65°C should be avoided.


PET sheet is widely used thanks to:

  • low cost;
  • high light transmittance -90%;
  • resistance to bending; strength;
  • good resistance to negative temperatures;
  • the possibilities for cutting, drilling, milling the material;
  • resistance to deformation, to water, solutions of dilute acids and salts, fats or oils;
  • the possibility of cold bend with the minimum radius, according to the formula: min. RADIUS = 150 × thickness. If the resulting value is less, it is recommended to use thermoforming;
  • the possibility of thermal, friction and ultrasonic welding;
  • formation of reliable fastening using two-part adhesives. Polychloroprene adhesives and hot melt adhesives with vinyl acetate fit this plastic;
  • inertness to food.


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LADA-LIST Ltd. is the largest manufacturer of polyethylene terephthalate in Russia. We have got a huge experience in the manufacture of sheets from different polymers, so we can give recommendations on choosing the material for the manufacture of products with specific properties.

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