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Sheet plastic ABS/TPU is a multi-layered sheet, with a soft surface layer from a mixture of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS), which provides high wear resistance, scratch resistance, resistance to gasoline and lubricants. The bottom layer of ABS provides sheets high-quality forming and high impact resistance, resistance to low temperatures. Parts made of sheet ABS/TPU, have the matte (antiglare), pleasant-to-touch surface. ABS/TPU plastic sheet can have different colors of different shades.


Today TPU/ABS is mostly used in the automotive industry, as a material for thermoforming of interior parts of cars, buses, tractors and external trunks. Thanks to its mechanical strength, it is used for the manufacture of suitcases, trays for transportation, trays for RAIL and air transport, finishing and facing work; with its help it is easy to revet all surfaces, including facades of residential and industrial buildings. Excellent and durable advertisement and information stands are made of this plastic sheets, as well as showcases, dividers in public buildings.



  • This plastic sheet is well resistant to abrasion and scratching
  • It has got anti-slip properties and properties of noise reduction
  • It is pleasant to touch, its surface is called Soft Touch (thanks to TPU)
  • It has good strength and ductility at low temperatures
  • It has got excellent chemical resistance when contacting with oils, hydrocarbons and many solvents (better than ABS)
  • It is also resistant to hydrolysis and contact with microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, etc.)
  • Its deformation under load is minor because it is high resistant to compression
  • High resistance of cut material to further break
  • The possibility of making sheet’s surface with varying degrees of gloss/mattness
  • The opportunity to manufacture the plates with antistatic surface (resistance to 105 Ω)
  • The possibility of extrusion with recycled ABS
Unit Test method, ISO Values
Density g/cm3 1183 1.06
Yield stress MPa 527 28
Тensile strength at break % 527 10
Charpy unnotched impact strength 23°C kJ/m2 179
Charpy unnotched impact strength -20°C kJ/m2 179
Abrasion resistance On the sample d 100 mm abrasive wheel is W18 holddown pressure is 500 g g 0.05
Vicat softening temperature 50H/50°C °C 306/B120 98
 Heat deflection temperature, (НDT), no less than  1.8 MPa  °C  75-2Ae  95

* The above values relate to the thermoplastic immediately after extrusion and does not take into account the impact of aging.



good weather resistance, high resistance to oils, fats, greases and various solvents


resistant to temperature change, extremely resistant to atmospheric conditions


the maximum permanent operating temperature: 75-85°C


  • stamping
  • pneumatic vacuum forming
  • machining
  • welding
  • bonding

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