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ABS/PMMA plastic sheet is a multilayered one. It is manufactured by coextrusion of ABS with PMMA. A layer of ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) makes products high impact resistant even at sub-zero temperatures. The top layer of impact resistant PMMA (poly methyl methacrylate, more common «acrylic») provides scratch resistance, protection from destruction under the influence of UV rays, excellent surface quality with high gloss, resistance to acids, alkalis, fats, automotive fuels, cold proof coolants, cleaning substances. It also prevents bacterial growth.

ABS-plastic and PMMA are well-colored, so it is possible to produce sheets of a wide range of colors. The lower surface of the sheet is corona treated (activated) and has a high interface tension, which contributes to better adhesion with resins and glues.

ABS/PMMA-plastic sheet can be processed by machining, milling, bonding, laser cutting, thermal, friction and ultrasonic welding, etc.

Another very important characteristic ABS/PMMA sheet is its light weight.


ABS/PMMA plastic sheet is an irreplaceable material for sauna and bathroom furnishing, manufacturing of coolers elements, fountains, children’s and medical furniture, facades for kitchen and living room furniture, sanitary ware: showers, tubs, sinks, furniture for the bath.

ABS/PMMA plastic sheet can be easily thermoformed, and that gives the ability to produce bathes with complex geometry and deep hood from it. Products from ABS/PMMA are considerably lighter than that from metal and iron, that simplifies their transportation and installation.


ABS/PMMA compositions are used for thermoforming of various sanitary ware: sinks, tubs, showers, shower trays, fountains, saunas, items of furniture and decoration of bathrooms, as well as for the manufacturing of parts for refrigerators, door paneling and external decorating in the automotive industry, in the manufacture of outdoor advertising, commercial equipment.


ABS sheets, co-extruded with PMMA (so-called «sanitary» plastic) are multilayer sheets, with the top layer of high-impact modified acrylic. The bottom layer of acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) provides high-quality sheets forming and high impact resistance, as well as resistance to low temperatures. Acrylic layer provides protection from UV rays, excellent surface quality with strong gloss and chemical resistance. ABS/PMMA can be manufactured in different colors, depending on the customer requirements.

Unit Test method, ISO Values
Density g/cm3 1183 1.075
Yield stress MPa 527-2/1B/20 35
Тensile strength at break % 527 3
Charpy unnotched impact strength 23°C kJ/m2 179/1ep 15
Charpy notched impact strength 23°C kJ/m2 179/1ep 10
Charpy notched impact strength -30°C kJ/m2 179/1epA 3
Flexural Modulus MPa 178 2100
Heat deflection temperature, (НDT)  1.8 MPa °С 75-2Ae 96

* The above values relate to the thermoplastic immediately after extrusion and does not take into account the impact of aging.



ABS/PMMA is highly resistant to scratching and bacteria. Acrylic layer provides protection from UV rays, excellent surface quality with strong gloss, chemical resistance


under normal conditions, a plastic sheet is resistant to acids, alkalis, light and oxygen, oil-and water. This plastic dissolves well in carboxylic acids, esters, including monomer, ketones, chlorinated and aromatic hydrocarbons


ABS/PMMA sheets have good electrical insulation properties, high resistance to breakdown


ABS/PMMA can be processed by all kinds of machining:

  • milling
  • bonding
  • all kinds of moulding
  • cutting down
  • laser cutting, etc


Thickness: up to 10 mm
Width: up to 2000 mm


embossed, smooth and high glossy


Certificate ABS/PMMA Certificate ABS/PMMA

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