Лада-Лист Lada-List

About us

Welcome to the website of OOO Lada-List. Our company ranks among biggest plastic sheet makers in Russia. The company was established after thorough market analysis, in-depth research and implementation of new technologies in plastic sheet production and processing. We were driven by will and ambition to offer high-quality products to Russian customers. The history of our company began in 1994 after start-up of the first ABS sheet extrusion line. In 1996 the second line was commissioned. In 2000 new technologies for two-layer plastic sheet production were successfully setup in our third KAUFMAN line. Extensive expertise and growing order volume have much contributed to further production build-up. In 2002 two more lines were put in operation:

  • KUHNE line for manufacture of two-layer sheets (ABS+PC, ABS/TPU etc.)
  • BANDERA line for manufacture three-layer sheets of up to 2,200 mm width.

2009 two new lines for PET-G and ABS/PMMA were put in operation.
Nowadays, OOO Lada-List can boast the capabilities to produce plastic sheets in thousands of meters, while meeting all applicable international specifications, including European requirements.

The availability of our own sheet processing facilities using forming method (up to 3000 ton per year) allows to continually monitor the quality of products, develop new sheet process technologies to fully satisfy the demands of our end-users.

We are making steady progress and look confidently into future. We work on production build-up programs, seek investors and develop our dealers’ network for selling Zuroplast plastics.

All through these years our company has proved itself a reliable supplier of high-performance plastic sheet materials. We succeeded in gaining the position of a leading market player through strict adherence to the following principles:

  • on-going renewal of production equipment;
  • implementation of latest production technologies and processing;
  • continuous improvement of product quality;
  • co-operation with major European raw materials makers;
  • advantageous price policy to buyers of plastic sheets and components made from such products;
  • complete fulfillment of all commitments to our partners and customers.

Our first products were intended for car industry. Today we are clients to such Russian OEMs as AvtoVAZ, KamAZ, UAZ, as well as to some suppliers of automakers. We were able to offer to many Russian companies high-quality domestic products to replace their import equivalents. In close co-operation with our daughter company “APAL”, we domesticated and launched innovative processes to produce styling packages for Russian vehicles. Consequently, thousands of vehicles have got individual look to better distinguish and please their owners.

The world of plastic products is very diversified and apparently boundless. Interacting with our clients we are exploring new perspectives and applications for Zuroplast plastics made by OOO Lada-List. Recently we have launched the commercial production of some new materials, demanded by makers of household and industrial refrigerators, retail/store equipment, lighting components and other consumer goods. We always account for our clients’ wishes and in tandem with our customers we monitor new product launch and its mastering from research phase until final release of new high-quality plastic products.