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About us

LADA-LIST produces and sells high-quality plastic sheet ZUROPLAST in Russia and in the CIS countries. We have been operating for more than 20 years and have been using modern lines, such as KAUFMAN, KUHNE (for two-layer sheets) and BANDERA (for three-layer sheets).

LADA-LIST Ltd. was the first Eastern Europe Company to become a member of the EPDA (European Plastics Distributors Association) and IAPD (International Association of Plastics Distribution).



In the manufacture of ZUROPLAST plastic sheets we use raw materials of such companies as Bayer, BASF, Dow Chemical, Samsung and other leading manufacturers.

Plastic sheet production largely determines the development of several economic branches of the industrialized countries, which is not surprising, since white sheet plastic from synthetic polymers and their copolymers, as well as transparent sheet plastic, are used not only in building activity for construction and finishing works, but also in manufacturing of finished, semi-finished products, and individual elements of prefabricated products using the vacuum, pneumatic, or mechanical thermoforming methods.

Plastic sheets are a good investment because they are durable in exploitation and serve as base material for the whole range of modern car parts production. Sills, spoilers, bumpers, interior and engine compartment decorative and protective elements made of plastic are maintainable and completely inert to external factors, including negative impacts of oil-products, moisture and corrosive compounds in the air. Plastic sheets, the cost of which is significantly lower than that of traditional plumbing supplies (steel, cast iron and bathroom ceramics), are used for the bathtubs, shower cabins and boxes production. These products are characterized by their low heat conductivity, resistance to abrasion, colorfastness and passivity towards mildly aggressive and non-abrasive detergents. Manufacturers of outdoor and indoor advertising try to purchase plastic sheets made from impact resistant and lighting polymer. Today, production of packing materials, reusable containers, cases, etc. is based on plastic sheets.

LADA-LIST LLC offers high quality plastic sheet to entities and private individuals in Russia and neighbouring countries who are interested in purchasing it. Self-export from warehouses in Togliatti and Moscow is available, as well as delivery to any region of the country. Plastic Zuroplast, manufactured by LADA-LIST Ltd., is produced with the help of modern lines, such as KAUFMAN and POLYFILM (for two-layer sheets) and BANDERA (for three-layer sheets). Finished products are tested for compliance with the standards of Russian and European statutes and regulations requirements.

In addition to high-technology manufacturing lines, LADA-LIST Ltd. has its own production for processing sheet using the vacuum forming method. That allows us to supply both plastic sheets as semi-finished products and finished products, according to customer’s designs. There is also the possibility of developing working drawings on the data storage devices or in a graphical format.

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