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Production of plastic sheet largely determines the development of several sectors of the economy of industrialized countries, which generally is not surprising, since the white plastic sheet made of synthetic polymers and copolymers, as well as a transparent plastic sheet used in construction not only for structural and finishing works, as in as an intermediate for the manufacture of finished products or individual elements of prefabricated products by vacuum, pneumatic, mechanical thermoforming.

Plastic sheets are economical in investment and durable in operation the starting material for the production of a whole range of details of a modern car. Moreover, thresholds, spoilers, roof, bumpers, decorative and protective elements of the passenger compartment and the engine compartment maintainable, easy to maintain and is completely inert to the effects of external factors, including oil, water and corrosive compounds in air.

Plastic sheets, for which the price is much lower than traditional plumbing materials — steel, cast iron and sanitary ware — actively used for the production of bathtubs, shower enclosures and boxes, has a low thermal conductivity, wear resistance, color retention and passivity against slightly aggressive non-abrasive detergent. Made from high impact polymers and lighting plastic sheeting manufacturers are trying to buy indoor and outdoor advertising, on plastic sheets today based production of container, reusable containers, cases, etc.

Because the body is made of plastic sheets home, office equipment and components of electrical / electronic equipment, septic tanks, fountains and the pools, geogrid / geomembrane for work on landscaping and finishing materials for the formation of external and internal interiors, as well as functional and decorative items of furniture, housing.

Protective shutter systems, components and parts of HVAC systems, translucent and colored elements of fences and walls, etc. etc. Therefore, plastic sheeting are currently in demand in the boom, and the volume of consumption by various sectors of the economy plastic sheet in the future will grow steadily.

Company «Lada-List» offers interested individuals and legal entities in Russia and CIS countries high quality plastic sheet, which you can buy from the stores to the shipment at Togliatti, or Moscow, or delivery to any region of the country. Sold by the company «Lada-List» Zuroplast plastics produced on modern lines KAUFMAN, KUHNE (dual-layer sheets) and BANDERA (sandwich plates), and finished products are tested for compliance with the standards and requirements of the Russian and European legal acts.

In addition to high-tech manufacturing lines plastic sheet, the company «Lada-List» has its own production for the processing of sheet vacuum forming method that allows delivery to consumers as plastic sheets as a semi-finished and finished products according to customer drawings, including the ability to develop working drawings based on sketches on storage media or a graphical format.

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